Multi-Purpose Mixed Screw Set 1500 Piece

Multi-Purpose Mixed Screw Set 1500 Piece



The ForgeFix Screw Set includes up to 19 different popular screw sizes, plus 5 x PZ2 screwdriver bits, all supplied in a handy organiser case with a soft grip handle and twin latches. The screws have countersunk heads and a zinc yellow passivated finish for increased durability. The zinc yellow passivation offers an aesthetically pleasing finish, whilst having an excellent resistance to corrosion. The countersunk design heads sink flush with substrates leaving a smooth surface finish. This popular screw set is used in all trades including joinery, electricals and plumbing.


  • Single thread for quicker insertion
  • 19 different screw sizes
  • Handy carry case
  • Durable